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Graffiti en Stedelijke Kunst- USED

This book is an exhaustive compilation of graffiti and urban artworks done by 50 of the best international urban artists all over the world, in cities including Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, London or Singapore, among many others. A route through the latest trends in urban art and the myriad of styles within it: 3D, bubble, wild style - The book is divided into three chapters and includes works of all kinds, from the smallest stickers to the huge graffiti that fill facades several storeys high. With information about more than 1000 works and 50 urban artists, this book is a broad overview of the new trends from the world of graffiti and urban art; a representative catalog of this deluge of talent that bubbles up in the streets of the major world cities today: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris ... 3D, Wild style, tags, templates, stickers. On the pages of this book, the reader will find the starting point for the urban art of the second decade of the 21st century, a mixture of creativity, originality, color, shape and texture that seems to have sprouted directly from the asphalt. 576 pages of pure talent; expressed without hindrance, self-taught and above all, free. In short, the art of the future.
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Tools of Criminal Mischief- USED

Roger Gastman is one of the authors who has published most books on graffiti. He has edited and published numerous anthologies and was a producer on the documentary "Infamy". "For Tools of Criminal Mischief" Mr. Gastman "trawled" his personal archive to present the quirky stories and visuals that inspire him personally: from the history of the infamous Baltimore graffiti SHAKEN to 1940s oboe train art, 70s gang graffiti, graffiti images -painters' personal collections, spraypaint collectables, etc. In the author's own words - "The danger, the story, the process and the spray cans as well as the different styles are just some things he focuses on in this book. The book is packed with fun and quirky images from a long life with the heart placed in the graph.
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Sticker City- USED

For forty years city streets have been home to the modern graffiti movement, but the new century has witnessed a fresh creative explosion. Walls, phone booths, guttering, traffic signage - the full range of surfaces forming the astonishingly vibrant street canvas is now adorned with handpainted or crafted posters and stickers. This book takes in the world, from Prague to Philadelphia, Berlin to Barcelona, to meet the great names in this exciting subset of street art and to find the creative custodians of the new sticker cities.